28 November 2019 · Dealership News

Adtrans Hino's Women in Trucking - Kara Green

Adtrans Hino are committed to providing opportunities to women in what is perceived as a male-dominate industry. We have many females in non-traditional roles throughout the company and we want to celebrate them! What better place to start than with Kara Green. Not only is she one of our brilliant Parts Interpreters at our Smeaton Grange dealership, she also just took home the title of 2019 National Skills Champion (Parts Category) from Hino Australia.

We sat down with Kara after her win to delve into a day in the life of Australia’s Number 1 Parts Interpreter....

Kara Photo 2

What is your role at Adtrans Hino?
“My role is Parts Interpreter which involves interacting with customers (on the phone and walk-ins) and determining, or ‘interpreting’, what spare part they require for their particular Hino model. It also includes picking and packing parts, putting stock away, making sure the warehouse stays neat and tidy (no easy feat)”

Describe your typical day?
“Typical day would be assisting the workshop with parts, making sure all orders are distributed, getting parts organised for new truck repair orders (RO’s), plus answering a tonne of emails (and making sure the radio is on cause sweet tunes make the day better)”

What do you love about your job?
“What I like about my job is the relationship I have with my customers. It’ s not just all about work. We can talk about all sorts of things. I came into this job knowing nothing at all it has been a real challenge for me but I’ve enjoyed learning everything about the automotive world. Having great people to work with also makes the work day that much better. Adtrans Hino were so welcoming when I started that I felt comfortable and more at ease. Not a question was raised about me being a women. It was more of, if you can do a good job that’s all we could ask.”

How did it feel to win the Hino Australia National Skills Contest for 2019?
“It feels awesome to win. Hino Australia make you feel like a celebrity. Everyone was congratulating me and were so proud of me. Not only did I win but I was the first female to win. I’d like to think I did it for all the women out there who feel like they come second in this male dominated industry. I was a nervous wreck during the skills contest (just ask anyone who was there on the day) but it was all worth it when I heard my name called. Also, who wouldn’t be excited after winning a trip to Japan?!”

What’s next for Kara? Back-to-back titles?
“Back-to-back titles? No pressure! No, I can’t attend the contest next year. The winner has a year off. I can still test and refresh my knowledge during the online rounds but I just won’t be in the finals.  I’ll be here at Adtrans Hino doing my job and counting down the days til I’m off to Japan!”