25 May 2023 · Dealership News

Unrivalled Reliability makes for Five Star Removals.



Tell us a bit about Five Star Removals. 

Five Star Removals is an owned and operated family business, providing a total transport solution for all sections of the print media industry. Our work involves liaising with stylists, suppliers, and photo studios to ensure that the furniture and props arrive on time and in the same condition they left the suppliers. Our highly trained professionals ensure that every job is given a personal touch. We are the industry leaders in our field and offer a Five Star service each and every time.

Why did you decide to purchase your first Hino? 

When I started back in the nineties, we used a different brand of truck, but I was not happy with their performance. Their gearboxes were sluggish, and the aircon was an optional extra. The driving experience was not good enough for the amount of time we spent in our trucks. 

I was unsatisfied. So, I went on the search for a new truck for my business. I’d seen quite a few Hino trucks on the road during my time driving, so I did some digging. To be honest, when we looked at the features and technology in the Hino trucks, we just assumed they would be out of our price range. But, when we went to a dealer, we were amazed and pleased to discover they were actually quite competitively priced. I bought our first Hino 300 Series and I was instantly converted. As soon as you get in, everything is right at your fingertips. It is an excellently designed and built truck. I’ve only had Hino trucks since… for over 28 years now. 

We now have a fleet of 7, 300 & 500 Series Hino Pantech trucks with two more on order.

What features do you like the most about your Hino trucks?

We use our trucks mainly for local deliveries around Sydney, with the odd one interstate. Recently, I drove my 2013 Hino 500 Series - which has done over 300,000km’s - to Adelaide, and it drove like a dream. The comfort in the cab is unreal. The driving chair feels almost luxurious; you sit high enough to see everything and are still in a comfortable position. The big display allows us to use the GPS easily, and the auto gearbox and cruise control mean we can get to speed and just cruise!

We have almost started taking our Hino for granted. After 28 years, I don't know anything else. Still, looking at other trucks on the road, the visibility from within the cab and the mirror positioning makes driving trucks through the city bearable. 

You have been a Hino customer for over 28 years, what is it about Hino that keeps you coming back?

Hino trucks just make our lives easier. It is what keeps us loyal and telling anyone who asks to give a Hino a go. We have quite literally never been let down by Hino. We’ve never had an issue with our seven trucks running. Maybe a couple of flat tyres? But the servicing team is unreal and keeps me and my trucks up and running.

The Automatic gearboxes are also amazing compared to other brands. They make the vehicle feel more like a car than a truck! I get reminded of this whenever I need to hire a rental when busy. The gap between Hino and other brands is huge. Even the multimedia unit is a hit with the workers and is very easy to use.

Another thing Hino has above the rest is safety, with the newest Hino trucks having top-notch radar detection. Due to the nature of our business, we are in the city often, and having to reverse or manoeuvre down the tight streets around bins, parked cars and nosey onlookers would be (almost) impossible without the Reverse Camera and Pre-Collision System.

Where would you send someone looking to buy a Hino?

Look no further than Adtrans Hino in Marrickville! They are always helpful, and the service I get from the team is amazing; we would never go anywhere else. Because we need specialty trucks, they also connect me to a bodybuilder when I need one. So when the truck is delivered to me, it is fully fitted and ready for work right away.

When our trucks are in for a service, the team are fast and trustworthy. They reach out with any questions and are super responsive, so we can solve the issue immediately. If they find something they want to act on, they ask me, and if I'm comfortable, they go ahead and get it done, meaning our trucks are never off the road for long.

When we recently ordered our two new trucks, the Adtrans Hino team were transparent with delivery estimates and updated us if there were any changes, so we were never left in the dark. 

You pride yourselves on professional delivery; how has Hino's reliability helped your business?

Reliability is key for me, and having presentable trucks is also important. We have to turn up with the Five Star service on time, looking good and ready to work. I cannot afford to be late to shoots as many people rely on me to turn up on time. If one cog fails, the system fails, and that will not be us, as long as we’re driving Hino trucks.

Contact Neal Martin and his team if you're looking for a fast, reliable, professional removalist for home or work purposes. Five Star Removals are based in Alexandria, NSW. You can find them via the details below.


Website: https://five-star-removals.com.au/

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