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24/7 Truck Service Near You | Adtrans Hino

Mobile Roadside Assist: 24/7 Truck Service Near You

Trucks are crucial to the success of a business. Fast, reliable and economical trucks can transport all kinds of goods. That’s why truck maintenance must not be ignored. A well-conditioned truck helps you achieve your business goals.

Unfortunately, no matter how tuned up your truck is, unwanted incidents can still happen. This is where mobile roadside assistance is beneficial. 

If you’re one of the many people that own a Hino truck, your investment is in good hands. At Adtrans Hino, we offer a wide range of essential services to keep your trucks running and operating at full capacity. From complete maintenance down to 24/7 roadside assistance, Adtrans Hino will provide unmatched service.

24/7 Mobile Roadside Assist 

Flat tires, lost keys, brake or clutch problems can shed a negative light on your business if you can’t deliver on time. We understand the frustration, so our goal is to help you. 

Adtrans Hino is committed to protecting your investment simply by providing a fast, reliable and quality service to get you on the road quickly. When you call for assistance, your truck problems will be handled by our highly skilled technicians.  

Benefits of Adtrans Hino Roadside Assist 

  1. Free of Charge for New Truck Purchase

    When you purchase a new Hino truck, you are entitled to a free roadside service package for the first 3 years of your vehicle life. This package is designed to give you convenience and comfort whenever you operate your business.

  2. 24/7 Quality Service

    What better service is offered than having a trained and professional technician to assist you 24/7? Our professional technicians and the team will help ensure that your vehicle will not be damaged during the repair.

  3. Peace of Mind

    As an entrepreneur, you want your business to operate flawlessly. However, emergencies do happen no matter how careful your driving is. With that in mind, Adtrans Hino provides each customer with effective solutions when dealing with Hino trucks.

Adtrans Hino is Your Quality and Efficient Truck Services Near You

Whilst some companies claim to be the best, you need to look for the one that provides the most suitable service for your needs. Adtrans Hino has proven to provide excellent customer support for many years to the Australian truck market. Check out these reasons why you should choose Adtrans Hino when you’re thinking about a truck service near me.

  1. Wide Range of Service List

    The capacity to provide a complete service list is important when considering a truck service provider. Some companies only offer roadside assistance, whilst others provide removal and towing services. At Adtrans Hino, we provide many different truck services. Apart from just roadside assistance, we also offer onsite service, Capped Price Service and extended vehicle warranty.

  2. Efficient Emergency Support

    Our emergency support is available 24 hours, 7 days a week to ensure your trucks are immediately assisted and repaired to function.

  3. Convenient Service Booking

    We want to give you fast and convenient service, so we give you the option to book a service online. 

If you are looking for a truck service near you, reach out to our team today. Whether it's a mechanical breakdown, lost keys or anything else, our roadside assist operator will come to your rescue. Book a service today.