20 July 2021 · General

24/7 Truck Service: Truck Repair in NSW

24/7 Truck Service: Truck Repair in NSW

Whether you want work truck servicing or a replacement part for your vehicle, you can be confident that our repair staff in New South Wales has the expertise you require. Are you in need of truck repair? Check our services at Adtrans Hino.

Truck Repair Services in NSW

Having trucks ready for service is essential in ensuring the greatest work performance for your business. When it comes to delivery, transport or any activity that uses trucks, a well-maintained truck that operates at its maximum capability is what you need. 

We, at Adtrans Hino, are committed to providing high-quality truck repair services around Smeaton Grange and Marrickville. We are experts at servicing Hino trucks, but we can also provide service to other manufacturer’s trucks.

Mobile Road Assistance Available 24/7

Adtrans Hino also guarantees quick response with our Roadside Assist package. Should something happen whilst you are on the road, we are available 24/7 to help you. Whether it’s a fuel shortage, a broken battery or any other road problem, we’ve got you covered.

Some Common Problems on the Road

  • Engine Overheat: Normally, this kind of issue might be the result of a broken down gasket or a tank. If this isn’t immediately solved, it may lead to engine difficulties in the future. Our highly skilled truck technicians can carefully evaluate and address your needs.
  • Brakes: With the increased strain exerted on the brakes, most trucks have faults in their braking system. In order to avoid dangerous circumstances, listen for any squealing, screeching, grinding, rubbing and other eardrum-piercing noises. They may indicate that your brake pads and shoes need an inspection. If you smell something burning while driving or there’s any smoke coming from a wheel, you should contact our team so we can assist you.
  • Tyre and Wheel Change: The most common cause of a flat tyre is a puncture due to sharp objects on the road. If you encounter other road hazards like potholes and uneven roads or over pump your tyre, you can call us to help you change your tyre or wheel. 

Get In Touch With Us

When it comes to the overall maintenance of your truck, Adtrans Hino can partner with you to make sure your vehicle is at its best. With our specialised solutions to meet your truck’s needs, we can help you prevent more costly repairs in the future. 

To know more about our truck repair services, speak with our team today.