21 October 2021 · General

4 Common Truck Problems that Warrant Truck Repair Services

Truck Repair Service in NSW | Adtrans Hino

If you’re one of those operating trucks for the business, you probably want your vehicle to perform at its best. Reaching your destinations without delays and meeting deadlines are always top priorities. This is possible with a scheduled maintenance or truck repair service which can ensure the quality performance of your truck. 


Whilst some truck owners overlook regular check-ups and maintenance just because their trucks are new, this should not be the case. The life and performance of your trucks depend on your decision to run diagnostics. Whether your trucks are brand new or not, a breakdown can happen. Not only can this bring a negative light to your business, but it can also endanger the lives of your drivers and other people in the event of an accident. 


When your truck is down, your business will lose money. That’s why it’s helpful to know when to make the needed repairs and when you should bring your truck to a truck repair shop to avoid bigger problems. But what are the major issues you should look out for? Here are four common truck problems that warrant truck repair services


  1. Engine Overheating
    Engine overheating is expected of trucks that travel long distances. The reasons can range from a blown gasket, issues in the tank fuel, blocked thermostat, defective cooling fan and electrolysis. If these issues remain, engine damage is likely to occur. Troubleshooting these problems on your own can be very tricky, especially if you don’t have the training and expertise. Nevertheless, your trusted truck repair and service provider can surely help you out.
  2. Starter Failure
    Issues in your starter can cause your truck to stop operating. Aside from technical problems and loose connections, starter failure is also caused by cold temperatures. It’s a common problem during the winter season. Having your trucks checked by professional technicians can eliminate the issue.
  3. Brake Failure
    Brake problems may be due to overuse or a poorly maintained brake system. They are a common reason why vehicular accidents happen. This is why regular visits to truck repair shops are needed to keep your vehicle in good shape. Responsive brakes are important to enable drivers to maneuver the vehicle efficiently. If they don’t respond well, immediately ask for professional help. Inspection of the fluid levels and brake pads also ensures the functionality of your truck and reduces the risks of accidents.li>
  4. Underinflated Tyres
    Tyres support the weight of the truck. That’s why you should also pay attention to your tyre pressure. If your tyre are underinflated or not following the standard pressure usage, this could cause premature tire failure, which may result in unwanted accidents. Regular tyre pressure check-ups prevent vehicle troubles when you are on the road.

What to Look For in a Truck Repair Service? 

As they are used to travel thousands of kilometres across Australia, trucks are prone to damage and mechanical wear and tear. It pays to have a reliable truck repair service in NSW that you know can quickly help you when you need them. They can help you maintain the health of your truck and extend its life and performance. 


When choosing a truck repair service provider, it’s good to consider the following to receive the right kind of service:

Proper Licencing and Certifications

Proper licencing and certifications are proof of the credibility and reliability of the service provider. These qualifications, as well as the years of training, industry knowledge and the latest technological skills, all contribute to the excellent kind of service they can provide.


Expertise and Experience

Trucks come in different designs, shapes and types. Truck parts can also be very complicated to handle. Without the necessary training and experience, technicians will not be able to identify underlying issues. That’s why it is important to find experts who know how to service all your needs. 


Wide Range of Services

When looking for professionals, a company that offers a wide range of services can ensure that all technical and mechanical issues are examined and resolved.


Solid Testimonials

Client testimonials won’t deny the kind of service a shop can render. What others have to say can help you find the real deal when it comes to looking for the best truck repair shop. 


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