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Hino 500 Series | Adtrans Hino

Hino 500 Series | Adtrans Hino

The Hino 500 Series build is intended to provide an exemplary driving capability, ergonomic interior, excellent durability and versatile ride capacity. With almost 100 variants on the market, Hino guarantees to provide its consumers with outstanding vehicles.

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Performance Areas

Sporting a modified and improved turbo engine, the Hino 500 Series has been carefully developed for exceptional performance, as well as the capacity to create power in both horsepower and torque. It’s considered an engineering marvel, with a transportation system that excels in both cold and hot weather and different elevations. 

Comfortability and Practicality

The Hino 500 specifications were made with a driver-centric structure, which includes a straightforward, easy-to-understand cabin, extremely handy storage compartments and ergonomic seats suitable for easy movement inside and outside the cabin. 

Repairs and regular diagnostics are simplified by the truck’s overall design, allowing for simple and easy to reach places, including everything beneath the hood. That’s not even mentioning the cab’s tilting ability. The truck design aids in the early detection of issues, which contributes to the continuous operation and lower utility expenses. 

Hino 500 Series: Medium Truck, Tipper, Crew Cab and 4x4

For the Hino 500 Series, the existing lineup consists of several models (duplicate) available:

Hino 500 Series Standard Cab

The Hino 500 Series Standard Cab has gone through an extensive redesign from the ground to provide consumers with a great and memorable trucking experience. With a variety of safety features, such as a pedestrian detection sensor, pre-collision system and emergency brakes with autonomous emergency braking, it’s stronger and more secure in every way. Furthermore, standard features, including adaptive cruise control, lane departure system and vehicle stability control, are still present. 


Engine Transmission Emission
Powered by a five-litre A05 turbocharged engine, the 500 Series Standard Cab provides enhanced performance, better torque and great fuel economy. The engine is capable of producing up to 260 hp and 882 Nm torque. The current drivetrain provides an unmatched combination of both performance and economy, featuring a six-speed and seven-speed manual transmission, as well as full automatic transmission. With a garnered reputation of being Australia’s environmentally friendly medium-duty vehicle, the exhaust system includes a selective catalytic reduction and a diesel particulate reduction, both of which meet Euro 6 equivalent standards. 



Accessibility Layout Driver

With a seat position that allows for 48 mm greater adjustability, getting in and out of the cab has been made too easy. The vehicle provides a lot of flexibility, with its telescoping and tilting steering wheel. The door apertures are also generously proportioned, and the cab grips are appropriately positioned, allowing for three points of contact. 

The overall design offers greater comfort, with a 12 V accessory and USB charging plug, increased storage and LED illumination being some of the new features included. In addition, steering wheel controls for cruise control are included.

The next-generation driver seat provides all the latest trends of car comfort, with a built-in audio reminder, a SRS seat belt pretensioner and a variety of lumbar support.


Hino 500 Series Wide Cab

The incredible Hino 500 Series Wide Cab reimagines just what it means to be a hardworking truck. Its unrivalled construction quality results in next-generation suspension. In fact, it’s been considered by some as the most extensive safety package available on the market provided by a Japanese manufacturer, with vehicle stability control being made available for all variants, a first in the Australian market.

Everything is, of course, matched by a degree of driver comfort you never imagined was feasible.

Transmission Safety Efficiency and Power
Transmission selection has been expanded to include six-speed and two nine-speed manuals, as well as three distinct six-speed automatic versions tailored to the various engines and applications. Standard features included are a built-in driver SRS airbag, Easy Start, Cruise Control, Fog Lamps and an ADR84/00 Front Underrun Protection System.  Both the Hino J08E and A09C engines have been upgraded to provide better cooling, improved fuel economy and reduced pollution, whilst being both able to produce 280 hp and 350 hp, respectively, on the manual transmission.


Hino 500 Series 4x4 

The Hino 500 Series 4x4 is a popular choice for consumers who like to go off-road in some of the most difficult terrains possible. Off-road trucking has been made easier with the Hino 500 Series 4x4 due to a package of safety features. 

Transmission Safety Efficiency and Power
The proven Hino J08 turbocharged engine produces an exceptional amount of horsepower and overall torque, amounting to 280 hp and 824 Nm, respectively. The turning radius has been decreased by almost a metre, which is important for customers negotiating tight off-road paths.  The 500 Series GT 1528 prioritises safety by including a standard backup camera, anti-lock braking system, electric controlled exterior mirrors and embedded seatbelt. Given the Gt 4x4’s demanding and operating circumstances, the five-speed Allison 2500 Series automatic gearbox is critical for successfully navigating through the terrain. With a new capacity dual-range transfer case, the improved engine’s increased torque and power outputs are supported. 


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