10 December 2021 · General

Hino Genuine Parts: Truck Spare Parts You Should Have For Long-Term Performance

Hino Genuine Parts: Truck Spare Parts You Should Have For Long-Term Performance

Similar to most businesses these days, many truck owners are also finding ways to stay competitive even with tight margins. So, it’s only natural that some are looking into using non-genuine vehicle parts to save some cash.

One of the options that most truck owners consider is the use of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. These are carefully selected or genuinely-made products that went through rigorous testing to ensure that they meet safety and high-quality standards. 

But, are OEM products better than genuine car parts? Read on to know what you should consider in buying spare parts for your fleet.

Are Genuine Parts Better?

Genuine Hino parts are auto components installed in a vehicle when it was first manufactured. They are built with the same exacting quality, durability and reliability standards that every Hino truck is built to. These Hino parts are primarily more expensive compared to OEM products because they carry the company’s logo. However, despite the price, purchasing genuine products guarantees that you will have the same quality and durability as your vehicle.

With the many factors you need to consider when buying Hino dealer parts, it’s always best to check out your options and create a comparison so you can make the right decision.

Can You Buy Parts From a Dealer?

Yes, you can buy vehicle components from dealers. Most automotive dealerships have standard OEM manufactured Hino parts sold in their businesses. 

Are Aftermarket Parts OK?

Aftermarket Hino truck parts in Sydney are just as good as OEM parts. There are even some cases where they can perform better than their counterparts. But if you do want to get better components, get the genuine parts but be ready to pay for a higher cost. 

Do Aftermarket Parts Decrease Value?

Once the car has been completed, companies can start manufacturing Hino parts that’ll be suitable replacements for the said model. To do this, they need to purchase the rights to manufacture them. 

You can expect that the aftermarket Hino parts will not always precisely look like genuine parts or OEM. Also, most aftermarket mods will depreciate, together with your vehicle’s value. 

Nevertheless, if you want to ensure that you maximise the trade-in value of your car parts, then it’s highly advisable to avoid aftermarket parts done elsewhere than the factory. Doing vehicle upgrades using aftermarket products can potentially lower your vehicle’s overall market value.

What Is the Difference Between OEM and Genuine Parts?

OEM parts are components made by the manufacturer or produced by an external company to their specification. It means that these products are made separately from the vehicle during the manufacturing process. 

Meanwhile, genuine Hino parts are components that came directly from the manufacturer supplied to its affiliates. These are parts initially installed in the car model when it leaves the factory. Primarily, they have higher prices compared to OEM because they carry the brand logo and its reputation. 

What Are the Tips for Buying Genuine Parts?

When buying genuine parts, make sure to purchase from legitimate dealers. You can guarantee that they’ll inspect all components to ensure that every aspect functions as it should. Another way to ensure that you’re buying genuine parts is by getting them from the car removal yard. 

Car removal businesses sell used Hino parts from both wrecked and old trucks. As long as you purchase components that are compatible with your truck make and model, rest assured that all parts you bought will function as designed.

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