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Roadside Assistance: Adtrans Hino Emergency Roadside Service

Roadside Assistance: Adtrans Hino Emergency Roadside Service

We cannot predict when our cars will break down or when we will encounter an accident. That is why it is important to have roadside assistance that can help us in times of emergency. However, according to a 2015 research, 20% of people in NSW who own a vehicle do not have roadside assistance

What is roadside assistance and why is it beneficial to have one? Read on to know more.

What Is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance (also known as roadside service or breakdown coverage) allows you to get help whenever your car breaks down while you are driving. It comes in handy when your vehicle experiences mechanical issues, such as a dead battery, flat tires and more. They can also lend you a helping hand if you need jump-starting, roadside assistance towing, winching, emergency fuel refill, and when you get locked out of your vehicle.

How Does It Work?

Whenever you need roadside service, give your road assistance provider a call and they will do what they can to help you by asking you questions to narrow down the cause of the issue and by giving instructions over the phone to fix it. They will also drive to your location should you need part replacements, jump-starting and other services. If the problem still persists, they will assist you in towing your vehicle to the nearest mechanic.

Is Roadside Assistance Worth Getting?

Yes. Instead of stressing over your current situation without any help in sight, roadside service will allow you to solve your problem as soon as possible so you can immediately go back to your plans for that day. Your peace of mind while driving makes roadside assistance worth the investment.

Road Assistance at Adtrans Hino

Getting a new Hino truck automatically makes you eligible for our Hino Roadside Assist package. We will cover your emergency needs while driving for the duration of your Hino warranty period. This roadside service is free. It is available for all Hino truck drivers or fleet operators working for any transport and logistics industry.

Here are the key features of our Roadside Assist:

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance (NSW) - Our lines are available for a call 24 hours a day.
  • Mechanical breakdown - We will assign a Roadside Assist operator who will call an emergency service professional to help you get your vehicle on the road again.
  • Tyre and wheel change - This can be done using the truck’s original equipment. However, if there is a compatibility issue, we can call a tyre specialist for you. Please note that you must pay any material or labour charges at the time of the service. The truck will be towed otherwise.
  • Flat Battery - We will attempt to jump-start the battery, but if it is faulty and under warranty, a new one will be delivered and installed for you.
  • Emergency Fuel - We will provide fuel to enable you to drive to the nearest fuel-refilling station (immediate supply of fuel may be charged to you). If this is not possible, we will help you tow your vehicle to a nearby facility.
  • Lockout - If you lost your keys or are stuck inside your vehicle, we will attempt to open the truck. We can also arrange for a locksmith to help you.
  • Towing and Recovery - We will help you in towing your truck to the nearest Authorised Hino Dealer. Note that this service is not applicable for any accident that is not covered under the Hino Roadside Assist service.

How much does this roadside assistance cost?

  • 300 Series (Light-Series) - $500
  • 500 Series (Medium-Series) - $750
  • 700 Series (Heavy-Series) - $1,500

The pricing for each Hino model is GST inclusive.

In addition to your Roadside Assist, Roadside Assist Extra will extend your service by 1-2 years. This can be paid annually. You can also purchase a 2-year package to get a $50 discount.

Roadside Assist Extra Pricing:

1 Year

300 Series - $399
500 Series - $649
700 Series - $1,149

2 Years

300 Series - $748
500 Series - $1,248
700 Series - $2,248

We also offer 5 years of extended vehicle warranty and Roadside Assist (instead of just 3 years) for purchases of new Hino trucks. This includes repair from genuine Hino parts and factory-trained service technicians.

Interested in gaining peace of mind while driving your Hino truck? Contact us today and we will help you through every step of the process.