10 December 2021 · General

Servicing Hino Trucks: Why You Should Service Your Truck Regularly

Servicing Hino Trucks: Why You Should Service Your Truck Regularly

With a lot of industries and businesses emerging in Australia comes the need to transport various goods from one place to another. Trucks help businesses succeed in this regard. They allow products to be delivered in time and in good condition. This is why it is important to service your trucks regularly.

What Is Truck Servicing?

Also known as truck maintenance, this service is equivalent to going to a doctor for a regular checkup. It involves a physical examination of a truck and its vital components. This often includes checking and repair of the following:


  • Brakes
  • Air, oil and fuel filter change
  • Lube and oil change
  • Electrical and lighting
  • Steering and alignment
  • Tyres

Why Does Truck Servicing Matter?


Trucks carry tons of loads and spend a lot of time on the road, making them prone to wear and tear. Mechanical issues often arise later on, such as faulty brakes, flat tyres, starter failure, engine overheating, radiator malfunction, oil leakage and more. It might also endanger the driver and the onboarded goods.

Extend the life of your truck

If small mechanical issues are ignored, they will become bigger problems later on. You should get them fixed immediately or they might cause even more damage that might render the trucks unserviceable. By doing regular servicing, you are saving your truck from potential fatal issues and extending its life.

Avoid Big Expenses

When the damage to your truck becomes severe, the cost of repair soars up. Thus, early detection is important if you want to keep your expenses low. 

How Often Should a Truck Get Serviced?

Different trucks have different recommended intervals before they are scheduled for truck servicing. The most general one that applies is to have your truck serviced every six months or 10,000 km. However, several factors like the age, make and model of your truck should also be considered.

Adtrans Hino Services

Hino has fully trained technicians who can give your truck the service it needs. Our technicians go through a comprehensive induction program to ensure that they are well-equipped with the knowledge to help your trucks perform better. They are mentored by highly skilled trainers and industry professionals and can give your valuable investment the maintenance care or repair that it needs.

We have a wide range of services, including Capped Price Service and Brake & Clutch Replacements, Service Agreements, a 5-year Extended Warranty and a Hino Roadside Assist. They are part of the Hino Advantage suite of business-building services that are designed to help your Hino perform optimally.

Capped Price Service on Brake & Clutch Replacements

This Hino service is available for all Hino 300 series - Euro 5 models and onwards. We will replace your brakes and clutch with genuine Hino parts if we see a need for them to be changed. The parts are fitted by an authorised Hino service technician so rest assured that your truck is in good hands. These replacement components are covered by 3 years unlimited kilometre warranty on both parts and labour.

This uses a capped price service. It allows you to plan ahead and minimise downtime across the Hino trucks range and gives you control over your operating costs and overall budget. Please see our dedicated page for Capped Price Service on Brake & Clutch Replacements to know our pricing.

Hino Service Agreements

Our Hino Service Agreements include all scheduled logbook services. These are maintenance checks and repairs for filters and lubricants, fault codes, valve clearance, wheel bearing, joints, fan belts, brakes and electrical components.

We have two classifications for this Hino service. Classic Care only offers maintenance checks, while repairs due to wear and tear are included in Premium Care.

Extended Warranty and Roadside Assist

We offer 5 years of Extended Vehicle Warranty and 24/7 Roadside Assist (instead of just 3 years) for purchases of new Hino trucks. Getting a new Hino truck automatically makes you eligible for our Hino Roadside Assist package. In this Hino service, we will cover your emergency needs, such as help for mechanical breakdown, emergency fuel, lockout and towing, while driving for the duration of your Hino warranty period.

Our Hino service centre specialises in serving Hino trucks but can also service other manufacturers’ trucks. If you are looking for a truck service around Smeaton Grange and Marrickville, we are more than willing to assist you. Book a service today and we will help you in any way we can.