1 March 2022 · General

The Search for the Right Used Truck Dealer Starts Here

Discover the Benefits of Buying a Used Truck | Adtrans Hino

Are you looking for trucks for sale but thinking twice about paying the full price for a brand-new truck?

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated a boom in the used vehicle market. While people avoid mass transportation making a personal vehicle necessary, they are reluctant to spend large amounts of cash on a new one.

If you are looking into the market for a used truck, now is a great time to buy.

Finding the right used truck and truck dealer doesn’t have to be difficult. This article will help you explore the benefits of a used truck and factors to consider in your buying journey.

Why Should You Choose a Used Truck?

If you are still on the fence about whether to purchase a used truck for your business or personal use, the following should convince you.


Price is one of the most significant selling points of a used truck. You will find a range of prices that fit your budget, contingent on age, condition, make, model and features. You are more likely to find a perfect match for your needs and wallet. But only go to reputable truck dealers in Australia and examine the vehicle’s body for scratches and dents, so you know you are getting a good deal and a fair price.

A Wide Range of Selection

When you explore truck sales in Sydney with an open mind about the range of model years, you expand the options for style, colour and body. However, in the brand-new market, choices could only be limited to what is available and currently trending. Meanwhile, scouring used selections allows you to purchase something that fits your style and needs precisely, including cabin, trunk space, pickup, bed size and cosmetic details.

Sturdiness and Durability

New truck models are mostly made from aluminium, which is not as tough as steel. In a collision, your vehicle's material can spell the difference in the safety of passengers. When purchasing a used truck from your preferred truck dealer, choose sturdy steel that will absorb impact and maintain body integrity for years to come.


Bear in mind that as you drive a new vehicle from the showroom, it loses considerable value. For this reason, a used vehicle is a better investment because it doesn’t suffer a significant loss. Get your truck regularly serviced to keep it in good running condition. Although the purchase value will depreciate, it is a slow dive down rather than a dramatic drop.

Drive Without Worries

When you purchase a brand-new vehicle, whether a truck or car, you must be extremely careful on the road and keep the vehicle in pristine condition. With a used truck, you are less anxious about wear and tear and can drive at your ease and get the job done.

What Is the Best Way to Buy a Used Truck?

Purchasing a good used truck is a complex process that many regards as an art form. However, if you are patient, organised and you know what to look for, you can find some hidden gems among the trucks for sale of your potential truck dealer.

List the Features You Are Looking for

Determine what kind of truck fits your needs. Consider cab, engine power, drivetrain, payload and towing capacity.

Don’t limit your search to the lowest mileage truck or a specific brand if you want the best value for your money.

Set your budget and check what models are available in the nearest truck dealer in your area. Conduct thorough research on those you like and analyse how reliable they are, their issues and what kind of power-trains are better for the long-term.

Go Out and Physically Inspect a Few Trucks

Once you have narrowed down your list, go out there and see them personally. In many cases, what you see online isn’t an exact representation of the real thing.

Take the time to inspect everything thoroughly. Don’t allow the truck dealer to be in charge of the process. Search for damages and rust, check the tire tread, open the hood and check the oil and coolant levels. Make sure all the electronics are working. Open the doors and the tailgate. Finally, take the truck for a test drive.

Examine the Truck’s History and Service Records

The next process is to check the history of the truck. It would be best to steer clear of those involved in a major accident or overly neglected. This is vital to your buying journey to help you understand better if your choice fits your needs.

When it comes to the truck’s maintenance, ask for valid proof, such as service records. If the truck dealer or the seller cannot present these documents, be wary and walk away. But if you are really set on purchasing the truck, ask the seller to cover the prepurchase inspection and make sure you choose the service provider.

In case you do get the service records, examine the data thoroughly. Maintenance operation or repair is logged with the vehicle’s mileage. If you spot a 30,000-mile gap between oil changes, this indicates a truck was not well-maintained.

Consider the Mileage of the Truck

Now that you have a better idea of the truck’s history, the next step is to decide if the current mileage fits your needs. If you plan on driving the vehicle over long distances, you need a low mileage truck. Nevertheless, a higher mileage one with a comprehensive engine can also be a good choice.

On the other hand, if you will be driving the truck for short distances around town, one with more miles shouldn’t be an issue. If you do your research, you will get an idea of whether the engine type requires a rebuild to help you decide if the truck is worth the investment.

But before deciding to buy one, it is recommended to check multiple trucks for sale first. There are plenty of options, and you shouldn’t settle for the first truck that catches your eye.

Once you have decided on a truck, take it to the garage for a thorough inspection, no matter how good it looks or how comprehensive its records are.

If you need a vehicle that can withstand whatever you put it through, used trucks are a great option. These trucks are cost-effective, offer great variety and keep their value better than new trucks.

For high-quality used trucks for sale, Adtrans Hino offers a great selection. Call us on 02 8559 0040 or 02 9160 0366 today.