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Truck Sales in Sydney: An Overview

Truck Sales in Sydney: An Overview

For the past five years, truck sales in Sydney and Australia have gone up and down. In 2018, it was reported that the country’s truck sales industry had reached its record high of about 41,628 new truck registrations. However, the momentum was cut short by the end of 2019. It was found that only 37,960 truck units were registered, reflecting an 8.8% decline compared to 2018.

Many industry experts believe the decline was caused by several factors, such as the fluctuating business confidence and reduced demands from road freight transport companies. Other factors, such as the increased demand for rail freight transport and traffic congestion, have further pushed the truck sales in Sydney and the entire country down.

Luckily, the business confidence in the region seems to be positive. This means that most businesses are optimistic about the economic and financial outlook. Also, this trend can be translated into an increasing demand for trucks. 

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New Truck Sales in Sydney

The new truck sales in Sydney are among the most interesting segments of the industry. Over the years, most clients prefer to purchase a new Hino truck over used mostly due to the following reasons. 

1. Optimised performance

A large portion of total truck sales in Sydney are those buying brand new units because these vehicles are proven to provide optimised performance. Brand new trucks, regardless of their sizes, are built to exceed the customers’ expectations. Our new Hino trucks are assembled and serviced using the highest industry standards. 

2. Incurs lesser maintenance costs

As long as they are maintained, new trucks are proven to provide the expected performance without the ongoing maintenance requirements that you would expect from a used vehicle.

3. Cheaper to insure

Buyers prefer to buy brand new trucks overused because these are cheaper to insure. Trunk insurers typically view new trucks as a vehicle that will less likely break down. New Hino trucks are built well and should not experience any major vehicle troubles.

Used Truck Sales in Sydney

The used truck sales in Sydney are also significant, just like that of the brand new trucks. The demand for refurbished and quality-owned trucks continues to increase compared to previous years. 

Below are some reasons why you may prefer to consider a Hino used truck:

1. Sold at affordable prices

The price of the vehicle is the main reason why some clients prefer the used version instead of the brand new Hino trucks. Typically, used trucks are sold at a lower price compared to an equivalent new version of the same truck. Therefore, used truck buyers commonly save a lot of money when buying used trucks. Whilst this can save you money upfront, there may be ongoing or increased maintenance costs that should factor into your budget when purchasing a used truck. 

2. Performance tested

Many buyers choose to buy used trucks because the previous owners have already used these vehicles. As a result, the performance of these vehicles has already been tested by previous owners. Nevertheless, there is a chance of having performance issues due to general engine wear and tear, attributed to age and previous use of the vehicle. Many used truck buyers use the service of an expert truck mechanic to perform a much-needed check before the purchase to ensure that it is a wise investment.

The Adtrans Hino Experience

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