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Adtrans Hino: 50 Years of Heavy-Duty Trucks

Adtrans Hino: 50 Years of Heavy-Duty Trucks

Adtrans Hino is one of Australia’s oldest and trusted dealers of new and used heavy-duty trucks. We specialise in the sales of reliable and roadworthy Hino trucks, such as the 300 Series, 500 Series, 700 Series and more.

For 50 years, the Adtrans Hino team has successfully provided the best maintenance services and assistance to our customers all over Australia. On top of that, we are committed to supplying the best Hino trucks to those who wish to buy them.

What Is the Most Heavy Duty Truck?

Almost all heavy-duty trucks used for transport and hauling are built tough. Every model has its strengths and weaknesses. Thus, it is difficult to identify which is the most heavy-duty. But you can rely on the Hino trucks for they are among the top achievers when it comes to overall performance and durability.

For decades, Hino trucks have been a consistent performer in the Australian transport industry and various parts of the globe. All truck models bearing the Hino marque are regarded as among the most reliable. The vehicles were built using industry-grade materials coupled with world-class engineering procedures. 

Furthermore, each truck is powered by a capable engine mated to a potent transmission that delivers the power generated to where it is needed. All the components used in every vehicle are also manufactured to meet the industry’s standards and provide optimum performance. Thus, you will never go wrong with Hino trucks.

What Are the Different Types of Trucks?

Trucks are usually classified in various types. In most cases, it is according to the vehicle’s construction or purpose. However, the most widely used classification is according to weight. When weight is used as the basis for classification, there are five types of trucks:

Small Trucks

These are small commercial vehicles and mini trucks used to deliver lighter and smaller goods over short distances. These trucks are powered by engines that generate ample power for fast transports.

Light Trucks

These vehicles are relatively larger than the small trucks. According to experts, a light truck can weigh up to 14,000 lbs. or 6,350 kg. This category includes minivans, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), pickup trucks and panel trucks. 

Medium Trucks

These are larger than light trucks. These vehicles weigh around 14,001 lbs. (6351 kgs) to 26,000 lbs. (11,793 kgs). This includes various Hino trucks sold as box trucks, flatbed trucks, platform trucks and many more.

Heavy Trucks

These trucks weigh from 26,001 lbs. (11,794 kgs) to more than 33,000 lbs. (14,969 kgs). These vehicles are the largest trucks allowed in the streets without special permits and escorts. This category includes some of the Hino trucks built as dump trucks, garbage trucks, mobile cranes and more.

Very Heavy Trucks

These vehicles come in massive sizes. Due to this, one cannot travel on highways without escorts and must obtain special permits to be allowed to travel on roads. Very heavy trucks are used for specialised activities such as mining.

What Are Heavy Duty Trucks Used For?

Heavy-duty trucks are pretty popular because they play an essential role in the transport industry. These trucks are responsible for transporting the largest quantities of materials and massive cargoes that other vehicles cannot.

Heavy-duty trucks also handle the following roles:


Many heavy-duty trucks are used for towing purposes.  Their primary role is to move other vehicles when they break down in the middle of the road. These trucks are considered the most qualified because potent engines power them. The vehicles are equipped with accessories that allow them to tow other vehicles and provide the needed services. 


Heavy-duty trucks are also used for moving purposes. The trucks provide ample space for transporting heavy and bulky items, such as large furniture and appliances. They are also capable of carrying massive volumes of cargo.

Many heavy-duty truck models from Adtrans Hino are tough enough to bring small houses during relocation.


Almost all goods transported from one location to another are handled mainly by heavy-duty trucks. Trucks with extra-long trailers and roll-up doors are responsible for transporting soft drinks, liquors, beers and other beverages all over Australia.

Many Hino trucks are commissioned to travel long distances to haul groceries and other products directly from the producer to the sellers. 


Many heavy-duty trucks are used as hauliers. They are used to transport or pull extra heavy cargoes. These haulier trucks are equipped with heavy-duty chains and hooks designed for hauling heavy loads. Most of the trucks used as hauliers are also tuned to provide the best performance when loading, lifting and pulling heavy materials. 

Hino trucks are the best heavy-duty truck for 2022 and the years ahead. Living up to the goal of delivering excellence through generations, Adtrans Hino’s heavy-duty trucks are the most hard-working trucks on the road. These trucks can handle various roles that the other trucks cannot. 

If you are planning to purchase this type of truck, considering buying Hino trucks is the best decision you will ever make.

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