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Advantages of Buying Top of the Line Adtrans Hino Trucks

Advantages of Buying Top of the Line Adtrans Hino Trucks

Looking for a heavy duty truck to maximise your delivery and operations? Get to know why buying an Adtrans Hino truck for sale is your ideal transport solution for your business. 

Hino from Adtrans has been one of the best truck brands in Australia and in many countries for many decades now.

Adtrans Hino trucks are built with superior quality material, are reliable and tough, exactly what you need on light and heavy transport duties. This will guarantee a consistent flow of goods and services at the right place and time. 

Being one of the leading Hino trucks providers in NSW, here’s what you should know about Hino trucks and why they’re the best to buy for all your commercial requirements. 

Cost Efficient

In any business, cost efficiency is the top consideration, especially when it has something to do with purchasing anything to increase or maintain your business operation.

The long-established reputation of Hino for being superior in fuel economy makes it known in the logistics field. 

Care for the Environment

The Hino brand aims to help you succeed in your business, as well as help the environment globally. Its state-of-the-art emission control technologies and engine have made it a leading brand in terms of compliance to strict industry regulations and standards.

Hino’s integration to equip their trucks with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction System) is one of its top contributions to the global environment. This program helps convert damaging emissions into water vapour and nitrogen that are environmentally friendly. 

This innovation shows how Hino cares for the environment and, at the same time, allows you to travel hundreds of miles with less environmental footprint every day. 

Authentic Parts

All parts of Hino trucks are designed, manufactured and tested to meet and fulfil stringent quality control standards. You can definitely make sure that each part is of top-notch quality with best value performance.

Regardless if you’re buying a used Hino truck or brand new, it’s a guarantee that all parts are genuine. 

Amazing Design

Hino trucks' recognisable quality is their sturdiness. Yet there’s more to them than meets the eye.

Major attributes that set them apart from other brands include their visual appeal to the public. Most users may not find this feature a main consideration, however, a great design does play a role when it comes to influencing business owners to select Hino over other brands, especially during bids for service contracts. 


The Hino brand has built a reputation for being reliable when it comes to driving trucks on the road.

All trucks are engineered and tested using nothing but optimum technologies. They are made to stand up to rough terrains longer than usual and help you optimise your operation productivity and output. 


When it comes to manoeuvrability, Hino trucks are equipped with a level power steering system that’s high assistance, as well as a Meritor axle front. These high-powered features give a fast and light steering response that works best for operating limited parking spaces and narrow streets. 

Peace of Mind

With their great features and performance, having a Hino truck gives you the ultimate benefit—peace of mind. Additionally, Hino truck sales in Sydney come with one of the greatest warranties available in the industry of heavy equipment. 

Incredible Reputation

For the last 30 years, Hino has built an amazing reputation for its trusted and reliable service. Manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies, Hino trucks are made to help you maximise your productivity and keep you on the road longer. Not only that, these trucks earn the highest marks for comfort since they are built with care. 

Better Visibility

Visibility in the car can be pretty challenging with the roads brimming with vehicles. Most cars have limited visibility for drivers or passengers because they are so close to the ground.

When you can’t see anything other than the front and back end of the vehicle, frustration kicks in. With Hino trucks, they can increase your sight distance for you to see the road better, especially when driving at night. 

Adtrans Hino: Proven to Deliver

Whether you’re planning to buy a brand new or second-hand Hino truck, it’s a guarantee that it’s a profitable and wise investment. 

Adtrans Hino provides you a wide array of Hino models, both new and quality used trucks for sale. We are your one-stop shop for brand new and pre-owned medium and heavy-duty Hino trucks in the New South Wales area. 

We also offer genuine servicing, insurance, finance and a great range of parts and accessories. 

Call us on 02 8559 0040, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you