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Factors To Consider When Buying A Used Truck | Adtrans Hino

3 Factors You Should Consider Before Buying A Used Commercial Truck

Trucks are hardy workhorses built for long hauls and heavy freight. Big in size and big in price, buying a truck is a major decision. Do you know that you can get better value for your money by buying used?

Purchasing a used commercial truck for sale can be a cost-effective way to add a new service vehicle to your fleet. Let’s look into the things you must evaluate when getting a used service truck for sale.

Top 3 Factors to Look At: Condition, Cost and Mileage


The truck’s condition is the primary factor to check when making a purchase. Keep in mind the tasks and trips the truck will have to handle and how intense and regular your business operations are.

The condition of a used service truck for sale will say a lot about its longevity, as well as your safety in using it. Is the truck just an old model or has it been well maintained? Have a detailed conversation with your dealer about the truck’s physical and mechanical condition.

A thorough inspection would include checking for the following:

Cosmetic damages

Body dents or corrosive parts

Worn upholstery

Chipped glass (windshield, door/windows), side mirrors

Door hinges and locks

Underlying damages 

Horn, headlights, brake lights and indicators work

Suspension, check for worn-out shock absorbers

Hoses’ elasticity, radiator water and radiator fins

Battery condition

Instrument gauge accuracy

Oil fumes may indicate worn cylinders and/or piston rings

Fully functional brake system

Functional and accurate odometer (watch out for altered readings)

Wheels (check for signs of wear and tear)

Engine oil quality (if milky or grey, possibly there’s water in the oil, which may indicate a serious issue)

Transmission oil quality (a dark burnt colour could mean overheating)

Engine idle noises

Exhaust fumes and noises

Overlooking the inspection process might cost you your operations and money from expensive truck servicing and repairs. If you can, schedule a visit to inspect the truck for sale options you’re eyeing. Keep an eye out for parts that are oddly new compared to the rest of the truck. Have your dealer take it for a test drive to ensure that the engine is running smoothly.


Value for money is another important factor to consider when making any purchase. You should factor in not just the upfront price but also the long-term costs once you own it. Expect that a used truck for sale is cheaper than a brand new one. Be realistic and practical. Do your research, compare prices and browse for options that fit your budget.

Is buying an 18-wheeler a good investment? It depends. If you earn less than the money you’ll spend, then re-evaluate your options. If a big truck is what fits your purpose and will benefit your business operations, then you’ll get what you pay for now in the future.

Understand your cost per mile and your finances. It would be a big purchase, so make sure to check for valid warranties that come with buying any used semi-trucks for sale. Other costs to note are stamp duty, registration and transfer, maintenance, insurance and repair fees.


The truck’s mileage will give you an indication of how aged, used or ‘tired’ it is. A truck with higher mileage is more likely to have problems down the line than one with low mileage. That being said, a truck that has been driven regularly is usually better maintained than one that has been sitting idle for long periods of time. Make sure to ask about the truck’s history, including maintenance and repair, ownership records, recurring issues and replacement parts purchases. These pieces of relevant information will help you prepare for future truck servicing and maintenance repairs.


What Is Considered High Mileage For a Commercial Truck?

Commercial trucks have bigger engines, can endure heavy-duty work and have up to thrice more horsepower compared to passenger vehicles. The average semi-truck engine can last up to 1.2 million kilometres (750,000 miles) and even surpass 1.6 million kilometres (that’s equivalent to 1 million miles!) with proper truck servicing and maintenance. With an average of 72,000 kilometres annually, you can expect a good old semi-truck to last for 15 years.


What Is the Most Reliable Semi-Truck Engine?

The Hino brand is one of the most notable names known for their engine reliability and longevity. However, your needs will dictate what to look for in a semi-truck engine. Factors to consider for choosing the best engine for a used semi-truck for sale are:

Engine costs and warranty

Work/type of operation. This includes the average weight of load and type of terrain your truck will traverse

Size. A bigger engine is not always better. Smaller block engines (13 L) are lighter, have less tare weight and are more fuel-efficient than the bigger (15 L/16 L) engines.


Availability of repair and dealer network

Upgradeability. It’s a great advantage to be flexible, especially if your work demands higher horsepower (HP) in the future.

Fuel economy. Bigger HP and higher displacement will cost more.

What Is the Most Reliable Commercial Truck?

Hino trucks are among the most reliable and durable ones. Hino offers a wide range of trucks, from light to heavy-duty, fleet and hybrid trucks, catered to a variety of purposes. The brand’s main selling point throughout the years is its engine reliability, part of its ‘quality, durability and reliability’ promise. This brand also provides service options, such as fixed-price servicing, roadside repair assistance and warranty extensions for Australian patrons.

If you’re buying a semi-truck with no experience, it is best to check with experts and reputable truck dealers in Australia. You can look at online truck sales reports and dealership recommendations to narrow down your options.

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