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Finding the Right Truck: Brand New or Second-Hand Trucks for Sale

Finding the Right Truck: Brand New or Second-Hand Trucks for Sale

Finding the right truck is a must for those engaged in businesses like earthmoving and logistics. The trucks used in these businesses are expected to be durable and in good running conditions.

To avoid spending thousands of dollars, or if the budget is way short for a brand new truck, buyers have a higher demand for second hand trucks for sale, like the Hino 300.

Second hand or brand new, Adtrans Hino has something for you.

Brand New or Used Trucks, What’s Best For You?

Deciding whether to buy a brand new or a used Hino truck for sale can be stressful, especially when you are not aware of both options' existing advantages and disadvantages. However, you can make the decision process easier by doing the needed research. You can also consider the following information when deciding which type of truck to buy.

Pros for Buying a Brand New Truck

Saves Time - Buying a brand new truck is not as time-consuming as buying a used one. This is because you don't need to spend a lot of time checking the vehicle for signs of defects and the past owner's history. You only need to look for a unit that matches your buying criteria and budget.

Better Resale Value - Brand new trucks have higher resale value than the used ones. As such, buying a new unit is your best option, especially when you plan to sell your truck in the near future, as this will cost more.

Warranties and Available Financing Options - Brand new trucks are sold along with applicable warranties. These can save you from incurring heavy expenses if your vehicle breaks down or needs a major repair. In addition, brand new trucks can be purchased via financing. Many lenders are willing to allow buyers to take out loans to finance the purchase of a new truck.

Cons for Buying a Brand New Truck

The price of a brand new truck is much higher than that of a used version.

Buying a new truck requires the payment of higher sales tax.

New trucks can lose up to 20 per cent of their value when driven off the dealer's lot.

Pros for Buying a Used Truck

Saves money

You will not be hit by the high depreciation of the truck's resale value.

You'll pay lower tax and insurance premiums.

You'll have a truck equipped with premium features but sold at a lesser cost.

Cons for Buying a Used Truck

The used truck's reliability and quality are still not guaranteed despite the thorough inspection conducted.

A used truck is not sold along with a manufacturer warranty.

Buying a used truck limits your choices, especially regarding various features, such as the truck colour and other essential features.

How Much Should a Used Truck Cost?

The price of a used truck is dependent on several factors. If you are planning to buy a used truck, check the following aspects of the vehicle and compare the offered price to see if it is a fair price.

Total Distance Travelled

Most experienced truck buyers consider the total distance traveled as a major factor affecting a used truck's price. Technically, a used truck with a longer distance travelled is usually sold at a lower price. A used truck, however, might require an engine rebuild and other essential repairs soon. Thus, the mileage greatly affects its price. 

Physical Condition of the Vehicle

The physical condition of a used truck impacts its price. Most good-looking units command a higher price than the less pleasing ones. Also, well-maintained used trucks are easier to sell.

Engine Condition

The majority of used truck buyers consider the engine condition of the units for sale. Obviously, you would prefer brand new trucks versus second hand trucks for sale that have an edge when it comes to engine condition. The fear of the truck going down due to engine failure is one reason why buyers are apprehensive about buying second hand trucks.

Second hand trucks for sale in Australia from Adtrans Hino are guaranteed a good buy. Whether you are looking for a Hino 300 or Hino 300 4x4 for sale, its engine won’t let you down.

Price of Brand New Trucks

It would be best if you looked into the price of the brand new trucks when planning to buy a used variant. Doing this provides a price benchmark that will help you assess if the price for the used truck offered for sale is fair.  

What Are New Trucks Worth?

Similarly, brand new trucks will depend on certain factors when it comes to price. What you will be looking for a new truck if you plan to buy are the following: 

Type and Size of the Truck—Bigger trucks are more expensive than smaller ones.

Engine and Transmission—More potent trucks are more expensive.

Number and Type of Technology Installed on the Vehicle—More technologically advanced trucks are sold at much higher price.

Make and Model—A truck’s make is a significant factor in buying decisions. Under each make, you have to choose a model that fits your taste.

What Is the Most Reliable Used Truck?

The advancement in technology used to produce trucks has significantly stretched the vehicles' lifespan. Due to this, most of the used trucks sold in the market remain reliable and can be used to perform heavy tasks despite their relatively older age. 

Adtrans Hino has a line of used trucks for sale. They vary in type, transmission, model and price. Other considerations include availability or if the unit is in stock. But for overall quality, like the Hino 300 series or tipper trucks, you will get what you are paying for.

The Adtrans Hino Advantage

Brand new or second hand? We understand it is a tough decision when what is at stake is the budget on your hand. With Adtrans Hino, you can trust us that you can bring home your preferred truck geared for full performance, whatever the use you intend for it.

Whether it’s used or new trucks you’re looking for, check out some of Australia's most reliable trucks in Adtrans. You will surely have a better chance of finding the trucks that best suit your needs.

Trust Adtrans Hino by sending your enquiries now.