18 May 2022 · Driving Hints & Tips

Hino 300 at Adtrans Hino

Hino 300 at Adtrans Hino

Trucks are a staple in almost every primary industry across the country. That's why many businesses are often on the lookout for the best truck brand for their operations. And whilst every truck manufacturer has its pros and cons, only one trucking manufacturer stood out from its competitors.

What Is the Most Popular Truck in Australia?

The Hino 300 series has entirely changed the game regarding light-duty trucks. Especially designed for safety on the road, the Hino 300 series has effectively set the benchmark of what entrepreneurs want to see from a light-duty truck. 

One of the most notable benefits that it offers is its affordability. Compared to other models in the market, the new Hino 300 series provides a balance between quality and price, making it an excellent choice for entrepreneurs who are only starting to run their business.

What Features Does The Hino 300 Series Have?

Pre-Collision System

The Hino 300 series has a pre-collision system, which detects the possibility of an accident with a car in front. This technology uses both image sensors and radars to warn you of any potential disaster so you can apply your brakes. If you don't respond in time, the track will brake autonomously.

Pedestrian Detection

Apart from your safety, it's equally essential to keep those around you out of harm's way. The Hino 300 for sale series also has pedestrian detection feature to guarantee that those around you are safe from any potential accident. The system will automatically warn you if it detects a pedestrian in front of your vehicle and senses a chance of collision.

Lane Departure Warning System

Swivelling can cause significant problems, especially on a wet or icy road. With the lane departure warning system, you'll automatically get notified from the Hino 300’s visual and audible cues if your truck deviates from its lane without the indicators switched on.

Vehicle Stability Control

Every Hino 300 4x4 for sale has vehicle stability control to help prevent the truck from sliding or rolling over when passing through a corner swiftly. It's an effective feature, especially on slippery roads.

Reverse Camera

Accidents happen without a warning. So, it's best to equip your truck with the right feature to help ensure your safety.

Every Hino tipper truck has a reverse camera to capture every moment as it happens whilst you're behind the wheels. It can even prevent you from any potential injury, too. It is also highly efficient when judging the distance between you and the vehicle behind you. Its wide view and high-definition camera let you be guarded on the things around you while driving.

Daytime Running Lamps

There are times when road visibility can be a problem, especially when driving a lightweight truck. So, to help make it easier, every used Hino truck for sale has daytime running lamps that can highlight your truck's presence. It's an effective way to let your presence be felt among other road users, especially when the truck headlamps aren't working correctly.

Performance of Hino 300 Series

When you are in search of a truck for sale, you might want to look closely at the performance of the Hino 300 Series. Compared to other trucks for sale in NSW, it is at its top of the game when it comes to fuel efficiency.

Lightweight vehicles like the Hino 300 tend to consume less fuel even at long distances. This makes them a top choice for people who are looking for an ideal fuel economy truck for their business.

It is even more interesting that drivers can save more money at the pump because the engine doesn't have to work as hard to keep the vehicle moving. Thanks to its wide range of drivelines, which include 4 and 5-litre common-rail turbo-diesel engines, you get the power you need to haul heavy equipment while guaranteeing that it's fuel-efficient.

The Hino 300 for sale comes in automatic and manual transmissions.

True automatic transmissions are available across the entire range, providing drivers with smooth travel without any torque interruptions between gear shifts. This lowers the amount you have to spend on gas and truck maintenance.

On the other hand, the manual transmission has a certified Hino five-speed manual gearbox for the Standard Cab model, whilst the Wide Cab has a six-speed manual gearbox for extra power.

The Adtrans Hino Advantage

The latest Adtrans Hino 300 Series exemplifies safety, power and efficiency in a single design, providing a unique driving experience. This series has effectively set a standard of what every customer should look for from a light-duty truck.

As the only Japanese manufacturer to provide true automatic transmission options throughout the 4x2 model range, the Hino 300 Series has genuinely made a difference in terms of cab comfort, interior ergonomics and smart features.

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