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How Often Should You Service Your Truck?

How Often Should You Service Your Truck?

Whether it is for personal cargo transport or business deliveries, you wouldn’t like your vehicle breaking down in the middle of the road. Among all of the factors that can cause delays, it shouldn’t be your truck.

As a truck owner, some truck repairs you can DIY. However, when it comes to maintaining a fleet of trucks, your untrained hand cannot compare to the expertise of a professional mechanic. Some problems you might not even notice or take seriously.

If your truck should be sent for repair and servicing, how often should it be?

Let’s get to the answer right away.

How Often Should You Get Your Truck Serviced?

Sending your trucks regularly for repairs and maintenance checks may cost you a few bucks for each truck service, but, in the long run, it can save you from costly repairs and prevent accidents from happening.

If you own a personal vehicle, you may have an idea of how long you can go without servicing your car.

If you’re a new owner, a general rule of thumb is to schedule professional car servicing every 6 months. This frequency is ideal and also applies to trucks, but you need to consider other factors like:

Truck model or type

Age of the vehicle

Weather conditions and season

Oil viscosity

Total mileage covered

How often the truck is used

For what hauls it is used.

Asking if it’s necessary to service your car every 6 months is similar to knowing if you need regular dental check-ups. Even if your vehicle may still function normally on the surface, skipping a few months of servicing might cause more harm than good.

It boils down to how you use your vehicle.

Car service intervals in Australia are based on specific timeframes and distances covered. It varies from 10,000 km to 15,000 km every 12 months, as recommended by most car manufacturers. The average suggested mileage for a basic truck service ranges from 10,000 miles to 20,000 miles.

Basic truck service would involve a quick inspection on the functionality of your truck’s brakes and lights, as well as oil and lubricant change and refills.

How Often Should You Get a Full Service?

A full, preventive maintenance check will include a more critical checklist as follows:

Tyre condition and inflation

Brake inspection

Oil and lubricant change

Oil, fuel, and air filter change

Steering and alignment check

Electrical and lighting inspection

Other necessary damage repairs.

The suggested mile usage is 30,000 miles for a more thorough truck repair check. The truck owner’s manual would be your best guide on the exact truck repair intervals 

Is It Necessary to Service Your Car Every Year?

Vehicle maintenance is a vital must-do for car owners if you want your car to last longer and perform well. Getting your car serviced is like having it undergo an annual medical check-up.

Following a preventive maintenance program and schedule for your fleet of trucks is important in truck management and cost-effective in the long run. More than a ‘necessity’, it is quite beneficial to service your vehicle regularly.

Here are a few reasons why.

Extends trucks’ longevity

For any equipment, proper maintenance is key to extending longevity. Being heavy vehicles tasked with big loads and long hauls, regular truck repairs will help maintain the great efficiency, power and endurance of your trucks.

Going to the truck repair shop regularly will save your truck and its parts from premature wear and tear. Smooth driving and comfort are better assured, too.

Ensures safety

Trucks are tasked with heavy loads and long hauls. Wear-and-tear damage is likely and more so if left neglected. Problems with the truck’s brakes, tyres, engine and other parts might lead to accidents en route, putting your drivers, trucks and freight in danger. A trip to the truck repair shop near you will be more convenient than facing the hassle of having your truck break down and towed in the middle of the road.

Reduces overall repair cost

A question to counter the one above would be: which is more expensive—having regular truck repair visits or buying new, replacement trucks?

Contrary to your fear of spending too much, you are likely to spend less by going to routine maintenance checks.

Truck servicing will help detect any vehicle issues before causing any serious, more expensive damage. Delaying truck service might just cost you more—major truck repairs mean unplanned downtime, which also means delivery delays and adjustments, on top of a possibly more expensive repair cost.

Be Prepared and Be Safe with Adtrans Hino Servicing

To ensure continuous operation and maximum efficiency, your fleet of trucks needs to be well maintained. This means going to the truck repair shop within specified intervals.

Entrust your regular vehicle maintenance to a local truck servicing shop. With fully trained dealer service technicians and mechanics, Adtrans Hino Services has a branch at Smeaton Grange and Marrickville NSW. Contact us today to know more.