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Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Australian Trucking Industry

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Australian Trucking Industry

Many industries are starting to feel the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The trucking industry is no exception, with concerns over both the availability of drivers and goods to transport. While it is still too early to know the full extent of the impact, there are already indications that things could get tricky for truckers in the coming months.

Let us take a closer look at what is happening in the trucking industry and what it could mean for you if you are thinking about starting a trucking business in Australia.

Challenges of the Trucking Industry during the Pandemic

Truck dealers in Australia have for so long expressed how trucks play an important role in our economy. Trucks are responsible for transporting goods all across the country. However, what happens when those trucks cannot do their job?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, here are some of the challenges faced by the trucking industry.

·   Truck Driver Shortage

The trucking industry is currently facing a driver shortage. This is due to some factors, including the retirement of baby boomers, the lack of interest from younger generations and the difficulty of finding drivers with the required skills. In addition, many truck drivers are leaving the industry due to the long hours and low pay. As a result, the trucking industry is struggling to keep up with demand.

This truck driver shortage was further aggravated during the pandemic by the imposed travel restrictions to contain the virus. This has had a major impact on the trucking industry, as drivers are unable to cross borders or even travel between states.

Whilst borders are now opening up, during the height of the pandemic, the Australian government has put in place some restrictions on truck drivers, including prohibiting them from entering Victoria and New South Wales. This has caused significant disruptions to supply chains and has left many truckers stranded.

·   Parking Shortages

Another challenge that the trucking industry is currently facing is a shortage of parking. This is caused by the increasing number of trucks on the roads and the lack of available space at rest stops and truck stops. In addition, many cities are implementing restrictions on where trucks can park, which is making it difficult for drivers to find a place to park their vehicles.

·   Delays In Shipments

Another challenge for the trucking industry is delays in shipments. Shortage in drivers, parking and restrictions on travel are some reasons behind this. 

Furthermore, many businesses are closed or operating at reduced capacity, which means that there is less demand for goods and services. As a result, some trucks are spending more time idle, which is causing delays in shipments.

·   Financial Struggles

Trucking companies are struggling to keep their businesses afloat due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many truck drivers are considered essential workers, which means they cannot take time off from work to quarantine or care for sick family members. Consequently, the trucking industry is facing an unprecedented level of stress.

Opportunities for the Trucking Industry

Despite the challenges in the trucking industry, the future of the trucking industry looks very promising.

Trucking Industry Forecast 2022

The trucking industry in Australia is forecasted to grow significantly over the next five years. This is due to several factors. 

For example, the demand for freight services is increasing as Australia’s population and economy continue to grow. There are also a variety of initiatives in place to improve the efficiency of the trucking industry, including the development of new infrastructure and the introduction of new technology. This results in many opportunities for businesses to expand their operations and tap into new markets.

With the right planning and execution, the trucking industry in Australia presents a wealth of possibilities for growth. If you ask us, now is the perfect time to contact your nearest truck dealers in Australia to either enter into the trucking business or get a new commercial truck for your business.

Starting a Trucking Business in Australia

If you are thinking about starting a trucking business, here are a few things you will need to keep in mind before you visit some of the well-known truck dealers in Australia.

Obtain a license from the National Transport Commission.

Purchase or lease a truck that is compliant with the Australian design standards.

Obtain insurance and make sure your truck is registered with the correct authorities.

Finally, map out your route and make sure you have the proper permits for operating in each state.

If you are ready to take on the challenges of starting a trucking business, then Australia is certainly a country with plenty of opportunities. Just make sure you do your homework first and put together a solid plan.

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