29 August 2022 · Driving Hints & Tips

Top Guidelines for Purchasing Truck Parts


Choosing the best truck parts for your truck is a reasonable and essential investment. Trucks play a significant role in transporting goods and cargo. They’re meant to last long but will eventually decrease their functionality.

Given their heavy-duty usage, it’s important to check for repairs and do truck maintenance regularly. This regular check-up can help assess whether your truck is due for a parts upgrade or replacement.

Maintaining overall functionality and efficiency is also a standard in any trucking business.  This is why knowing where to buy truck parts in Australia or your local area is necessary. This ensures that your vehicle is operating correctly. 

This article will guide you through the necessary information on how to go about picking and purchasing truck parts online or in-store, whatever is at your convenience. 


Why Buy Truck Parts?

Transporting products and services becomes easy when using heavy vehicles, such as trucks. However, this comes at a considerable cost as all the heavy-lifting could take a toll on the overall performance of your vehicle after some period. 

Replacing worn-down parts or modifying a truck part is essential to keep your vehicle up and running with no hicks. Some parts only need repairing, but that requires a professional truck mechanic to do the servicing. 

Understanding how certain parts work is vital to knowing which parts need replacement or purchasing. It would be a waste of money to buy the wrong truck part, although some parts shops have a warranty or free replacement depending on their return policies.

What You Need to Know Before You Buy Truck Parts

Knowing why to buy truck parts is straightforward, but there are a few other things to consider before buying them. There are already a variety of options in the market when choosing automobile parts, which can be daunting. To narrow your search for suitable parts, we list below a few things you should consider before buying. 

Evaluate the Required Truck Parts

Evaluating which parts require replacement is imperative, and making a list of these should be your top priority. Making a list helps you in determining your budget. It will be easier to scrutinise retailers offering those parts because you already know the price point. 

This practice also ensures that you have the right parts and the number of components. If unsure, it always helps to check your truck’s manual for the parts number, which you can refer to when looking for a specific part. 

Compare Prices and Quality

It’s always a good habit to compare prices before purchasing any product. Not all prices are identical, even if different retailers market the same parts. Some retailers may offer discounts or have a cheaper alternative to the truck part you require. 

A fair warning though: cheaper does not always equate to better. Other than comparing prices, truck owners shouldn’t overlook quality. It’s best to buy from a shop that sells high-quality parts at a fair price. 

Research or Ask for Expert Opinion

Researching is an essential step before buying truck parts. This ensures that the parts you purchase are authentic or not faulty. It also helps to know your rights under the law in case retailers sell a defective part. 

Suppliers are under the legal obligations mandated by the Australian Consumer Law, wherein faulty parts should be recalled. It’s also best to ask the expert opinion of a trusted truck mechanic or parts installer. Hence, you know that truck parts adhere to the National Heavy Vehicle Law regulations.

Which Is Better: OEM, New Parts or Refurbished Ones?

We categorise truck parts according to compatibility, quality and originality. Depending on your needs, these truck parts types have pros and cons. 

OEM Parts

These are parts made by the original manufacturer of the trucks you’re using. Manufacturers also call them genuine parts. These are usually leftover parts from truck production runs that are repackaged and sold as replacement parts.

You may contact the dealership, which can supply you parts you need. This option is the best if you want your parts to be authentic and high-quality. 

New Parts

As the name implies, you can buy new parts from retailers that supply first-party truck parts. In terms of quality and authenticity,  they’re similar to OEM parts, and there’s a guarantee that they’re reliable and worth the price. They also come with a warranty and can be returned and replaced if defective. 

Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts are truck parts manufactured by third-party companies. They vary in terms of make, quality and price. Aftermarket parts are usually the go-to when upgrading or changing a truck's functionality. 

Before going for aftermarket parts, you must ensure that the retailer you’re buying from is reputable. You should also consult your truck mechanic if it’s advisable to opt for this type of part and if it follows the standard and regulations set by the law. It’s also wise to check if they offer a warranty or have good return policies if the parts are defective. 

Used Parts

Whilst buying used parts is the least advisable option, it may be something you can consider if the budget is tight. However, looking for a fully functional part may be difficult and comes with risks. 

Expect most of these parts to be defective or not running at total capacity so that they won’t last long. They also don’t come with a warranty or have no return policies in place, which may also prove to be risky. They’re the cheapest option available but may cost you more in the long run because you’re bound to replace this part often. 

How Do I Gauge Truck Parts Compatibility?

An easy way to assess if the parts are compatible with your truck is to refer to the manual. The part’s name, designation and number of components are indicated. Another way is to identify your truck's vehicle identification number and chassis number to easily match it with the parts you need from a retailer.  

One of the best ways to gauge compatibility is to identify the OEM number found on the part and buy the part from the manufacturer itself. For example, with Hino Trucks, you can be sure there will be genuine Hino parts when you contact the dealership. They also come with a three-year warranty and top-of-the-line servicing. 

AdTrans Hino: Providing High-Quality Genuine Hino Parts and Truck Accessories

A truck is a fantastic investment that can last years if you know how to maintain it properly. This means that evaluating and recognising the parts for replacement or repair is a necessary skill for a truck owner. It’s also important to know the compatibility, pricing and quality of the parts you purchase. Follow this guideline and help yourself buy the right truck parts you need. 

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