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Truck Accessories: Where to Look for Them in Australia?

Truck Accessories: Where to Look for Them in Australia?

Truck accessories allow you to personalise the truck and customise it. They also improve the truck’s performance and looks

If you are searching for accessories for your truck, you should know where to look. More importantly, it’s best to buy genuine truck accessories from reputable dealerships.

The pressing questions would be: What is the most popular truck accessory? What upgrades should you do for your truck?

What Accessories Should I Buy for My Truck?

The popularity of truck accessories will depend on your truck’s needs. What is the accessory that is most often exposed to wear and tear? Then that should be your priority.

What upgrade does your truck need? This is another relative answer.

To get the most of truck accessories, we lay here down to you truck parts you should consider. Many reputable truck dealerships like Adtrans Hino have the best truck accessories online.

1. Sun Visor

To protect the driver from the blinding light of the sun, getting a good sun visor is important for the safety of the driver. It helps improve vision by reducing glare.

Sun visor also helps reduce the temperature inside the truck. You get to minimise the burning sensation when touching the steering wheel or seat due to the prolonged exposure to sunlight.

2. Dash Mat

A dash mat is designed to protect your dashboard. It is durable and made from quality materials.

Dash mat also cuts back glare when driving. Exposure to the sun can lead to cracks and stains on your dashboard which can ruin the interior appearance of your truck.

3. Footwell Liners

This Hino truck part is made to soak spills and excess moisture from the truck flooring. It extends across the floor covering every inch of the area so you don’t have to worry about dirt or mud slipping into the cracks of your truck.

The liners use a high bolster, so they will effectively trap liquids and prevent them from ruining the carpet underneath.

4. Rubber Floor Mats

Designed to protect your truck from floor stains, the rubber floor mat is a simpler accessory than the footwell liner. These rubber mats can lessen wear and tear on the truck's interior and keep it looking clean and free from damage.

5. Seat Covers

Installing seat cover protects the seat fabric from stain as it acts as a barrier from food or liquid stain. Seat covers are the best way to keep the truck interior neat because they will keep the seat in prime condition.

6. Heavy Duty Tow Bar

When purchasing a tow bar, you need to know the towing capacity of your truck. This will prevent your engine from overheating and protect you from any braking issues. Failure to do so can lead to danger on the road.

For example, if you are looking for a heavy-duty tow bar for Hino 300 truck, the standard quality would be a fixed tongue, 50 mm ball and coupling that can tow up to 3,500 kg.

7. Bull Bar

The purpose of the bull bar is not to make your truck look cool or just a vain upgrade for your Hino truck parts. It is installed to keep the driver safe from collisions with other vehicles. It is made from high-quality material that can withstand strong impact. Moreover, a bull bar can be a mounting point for winches or other accessories.

8. Stone guard

A stone guard is a good investment if you want to protect your truck. It shields the bonnet or the windscreen from getting hit by stones or any debris that will result in damage.

The purpose of a stone guard is to change the incoming airflow so that debris from the road will not hit directly into the windscreen or bonnet because it is propelled upward by the airflow.

9. Mud flaps

Truck parts in Brisbane also include mud flaps. These are made from different materials and an inexpensive way to upgrade your truck.

When you have installed mud flaps on your truck, you are protecting it from mud, dirt, water and stones. Mud flaps create a barrier that will protect the paint from eroding.

10. Seat

If you are looking to upgrade your Hino truck parts, consider upgrading your seat. As a driver, you will be spending a lot of time sitting, so upgrading can help ease back pain and make driving more comfortable. Customised seating or getting a new seat cover can make a big difference.

11. Window Ventilator

If you hate the heat when driving but do not want to use the AC system, installing a window ventilator can help deal with the problem. This accessory lets fresh air inside, diffusing the heat while keeping the rain out. It will also reduce window fogging.

12. Sound system

Enhance your driving experience by upgrading the sound system of your truck. Consider getting Hino’s Multimedia System with built-in navigation. It comes with a dash-mounted LCD screen, CD/DVD/MP3/SD card and radio tuner. AVs, iPods and camera inputs will also give you the ultimate driving experience.

We made it easy for you. If you are looking for genuine truck parts or truck accessories, get it from an authorised Hino dealer. Get it from Adtrans Hino.

When you buy any Hino genuine part and accessory from an authorised Hino dealer, you get a three-year unlimited kilometre parts warranty. Fully trained service professionals will also look after your truck.

For more details, contact us today.