23 August 2022 · Driving Hints & Tips

Used Trucks Vs. New Trucks: Which Is Better for You?

Used Trucks Vs. New Trucks: Which Is Better for You? Better for you

One of the most important factors in the success of any business is efficient transportation. Whether it's moving raw materials to a manufacturing facility or finished products to retailers, trucks play a vital role in keeping businesses running. 

Without trucks, many businesses would simply grind to a halt. That's because trucks are the backbone of the supply chain, ensuring that goods and materials are always moving where they need to go. 

Trucks provide businesses with flexibility and agility. Trucks surely play a critical role in the economy, and businesses that rely on them need to ensure that they have access to a reliable fleet.

But what is more cost-efficient if you want to expand the transportation services of your business, a new truck or a used one? Is buying a new truck in 2022 more reliable or plain expensive?

How to Get the Most Out of Your New or Old Truck

One might believe that a new one is better because it is essentially brand-new. However, considerations, such as cost or advanced technology added to the truck, can cause uncertainties to seasoned truck drivers. Sometimes, they prefer the old ones. 

Buying used trucks can do more good than harm as opposed to some beliefs. In terms of reduced price, owners can all agree on the savings they can get without hurting the pocket. Yet, the benefits you can get from a brand-new truck are simply irresistible for businesses and truck owners.

Whilst this may seem to be an endless debate on which is which, let’s lay down the good and the bad from the old and the new. From there, we can arrive at an informed decision.


How to Decide Which Option Is Best for You

You may be in the middle of weighing your best options. But you do not have to be alone when deciding on a major upgrade in transportation services for your business.

Seek a truck dealer in Sydney which services are both for used and new trucks. This will lessen your time finalising your decision and will give you an advantage with the best option.


The Shiny Option

Most people can agree that anything new is the best. When it comes to vehicles, the smell of brand new is satisfying, especially if it is complete with all the updated enhancements. Thus, a new truck can do a whole lot for your business.

• Pros

  1. Customer’s appeal
  2. Up-to-code safety features
  3. Better fuel economy
  4. Warranty assured
  5. Reduced repairs and maintenance
  6. Financing loan options
  7. Better return on investment

• Cons

  1. Expensive purchase
  2. Fast depreciation
  3. Costly insurance

The ‘Old But Still Running’ Option

Buying a used truck is no problem at all if you know how to weigh the benefits. Consider the cons, too.

• Pros

  1. Reduced cost or discounted price
  2. Tested through time
  3. Usually upgraded by the former owner
  4. Seldom used with a valid warranty


  1. High mileage count
  2. Excessive towing experience
  3. Repurposed parts and poorly built engine
  4. Rust, leaks and wear and tear
  5. Age

These pros and cons are beneficial to your business. Whether you may have a huge delivery company or a small business, getting a truck that will speed up your transportation of products can assure further improvement in the flow of income rather than debt. 

The list of pros and cons can be long when you are eager to buy a truck. When you have weighed your option, the next is deciding what to buy based on the following factors.


Factors to Consider When Making a Decision

Here are some key factors to consider when making a final decision on buying a truck.

Get the best truck dealers for you. Look for the top-in-line Hino trucks in Australia if you want a specific type of truck.

Do extensive research when the best time to buy a truck is in 2022, or get a list of used truck prices in 2022 when talking to your truck dealer.

Think about the short-term and long-term implications of your choice. Will you get an easy return on investment with a new truck? Or will you get stuck with a used truck with hefty maintenance and repair costs?

Consult with your truck dealers when you are ready to buy new or used trucks. They can offer you the best deals for both.


The Adtrans Hino Advantage

Sometimes it is hard to decide on whether you buy an old or new truck. Because you are looking forward to getting what you have paid for. Every money you spend on either new or used will have an impact on your return on investment. 

The best way to solve your problem is to talk to a reputable truck dealer. Truck dealerships like us at Adtrans Hino will help you decide so as not to waste thousands of dollars down the line. We can guide you about pre-owned and brand-new trucks and let you decide what’s best for your business. Call us now or send your enquiries here.