7 September 2022 · Driving Hints & Tips

Why You Should Keep Your Truck Maintained

Maintain your truck

No matter how long you've had your truck or whether you recently bought one, routine vehicle maintenance is crucial to keeping it in top shape. By doing routine maintenance, you'll be able to identify issues before they become worse and seriously drain your finances.

Not sending your truck for a routine check will do more harm than good, make your vehicle vulnerable to breakdowns and drain your pocket with expensive repairs and replacement of parts.

Your truck is a business investment. And whilst trucks are tough, they won’t keep going like a well-conditioned athlete if you ignore simple malfunctions. Remember that preventive maintenance is cheaper than continuous repairs.

A Few Tips on Keeping Your Truck in Top Shape

1. Conduct a Regular Inspection

Because your truck is a heavy-duty machine, expect unavoidable breakdowns on certain parts. Check the engine, brakes, tyres, fuel and electrical system. If your truck encounters a problem, you must immediately send it for repair. Prolonging the problem will put your truck and life at risk. Keep your truck running by conducting regular check-ups.

2. Check Body or Truck Exterior

Rust is a primary enemy of any vehicle, especially trucks with wider bodies. Deterioration is fast if you can’t control corrosion. Also, rusting occurs due to exposure to different kinds of chemicals. Protect the truck’s body by doing the following:

  • Invest in quality body paint
  • Wash the truck after it has been drenched from rainwater. Acid rain damages the truck’s protective finish.
  • Wash the truck regularly to keep contaminants from eating the metal parts and paint coat.

3. Replace Worn-out Parts

This will keep the truck in good condition. If damaged parts aren't replaced, they will compromise your whole operation. Finding parts that fit your truck model is sometimes not convenient. However, you must ensure you get genuine parts for your truck. Pick components under warranty to protect you from defects or issues. You can get genuine parts from Adtrans Hino to save money for wrong decisions.


Why Is It Crucial to Have Your Truck Serviced?

Truck repair and truck service can help you identify problems early and prevent major issues from developing. These can also help improve your truck's fuel efficiency and lifespan.

Look for a truck service provider with experience servicing the make and model of your truck. Make sure the provider offers a warranty on their work. Ask about discounts for multi-vehicle households or loyal customers. 

Truck maintenance is an essential investment in your truck, and it pays to do your research to find a quality truck service provider.

What Benefits Can Routine Maintenance Services Offer?

Truck maintenance services will vary depending on the business’s size and the fleet’s size, with mechanics offering varying levels of support.

If you’re a fleet operator, you will want to make a point to schedule regular maintenance of your truck fleet. Several benefits can be gained by scheduling frequent maintenance and repair services. Firstly, it will help maintain your employees' safety and prevent accidents. Ensuring your fleet vehicles are well maintained will also prevent any major mechanical issues from going undetected.

There are three key steps to keep your truck in top condition—routine maintenance, fleet management and safety checks.

Routine maintenance services can help you keep your truck in tip-top condition. Not only do these services save you time and cash, but they also protect the value of your vehicle. You will be able to have fewer repairs with timely maintenance, which is not as costly as emergency repairs. Therefore, truck owners are guaranteed to save money. It is also essential to keep the parts of your truck that are frequently used in good working condition.

Maintaining your truck how it is supposed to is a great way to prevent your vehicle from causing an accident. You also decrease the chances that your truck will be involved in an accident by servicing them regularly. In addition to improving efficiency, regular maintenance can also help to reduce the chances of more serious faults occurring in the future. 

HowCan I Get More From a Maintenance Plan?

Maintenance services plans are great because they give you a good idea of when and what kind of repairs your vehicle will need in the future. They can also be helpful to have as a backup if your truck breaks down. With a maintenance plan, you can take your vehicle to any shop and be confident that repairs will be done at the correct price.

How Frequently Should a Vehicle be Maintained?

The ideal frequency of sending your truck for routine maintenance is every year. And one thing is certain—trucks require more frequent check-ups than cars or any other type of vehicle. And whilst your truck is for heavy-duty tasks and runs for hundreds of kilometres whilst carrying heavy loads, it needs to be maintained more frequently.

Factors that dictate the frequency of maintenance include the age of the truck, type of truck, operating environment and type of load it carries.

The Adtrans Hino Advantage

Once you are on the road, keep a record of your truck maintenance schedule and make safety your priority.

At Adtrans Hino and save more on unnecessary repairs, we have a road assist feature for truck owners who purchase their vehicles from us. Every new purchase will get a 24/7 road assist, which offers protection whilst you’re on the road. We also offer genuine Hino truck parts and accessories. For more information about our Hino trucks in Australia, send your enquiries here.