21 September 2023 · General

How Hino helped turn a bright idea into a thriving business.

Hino brings new meaning to ‘off the back of a truck'.

Meet Ben Adams from Roncut Builders Supplies in Narellan, NSW. We chatted to Ben about how his Hino 300 Series Built to Go TradeAce has been pivotal in allowing Roncut to help builders all over Australia.  

From selling locally on-site to growing countrywide with a website

Ben proudly tells us how Roncut began in 1997.  

 “My dad, Ron, had been working in the building industry for quite a while as a brickie. Whenever he needed tools, he’d have to drop what he was doing, shut down the entire site, and head off to buy the tools. This sometimes required quite a distance to travel, which meant a lot of time spent off site.

He had done his time labouring and thought – ‘maybe I can be the guy who brings the tools to the builders’. So, he began driving site to site, selling tools off the back of a small Ute. Things quickly took off, and before he knew it, he needed a bigger and better truck.” 

Today, it is their Hino that does all of Roncut’s on-site sales and delivery, helping them to grow into a thriving business with a healthy retail outlet, now freighting Australia-wide. 

Trading up to the TradeAce

Ben recalls the early days. As Roncut grew, they knew they needed to upgrade to a truck, but struggled to find a vehicle that was reliable, comfortable, powerful, and good quality.   

“We tried a few second-hand trucks from other brands in the early days. Some were okay, some just didn’t measure up. Some had features like plenty of power, but no cabin comfort or aircon.

When we finally decided to buy a new truck, we went with another big brand. It wasn’t one of our best calls. The truck was under-powered, and the tray was too small for our business needs. So we went on the hunt for another truck, and soon bought our first Hino.”? 

Two in the hand… 

Roncut now has two Hino Built to Go TradeAce trucks. One is purpose-built for their mobile ‘on-site shop’. This truck does the heavy lifting, bringing tools and machinery directly to customers on their building sites. The truck makes builders’ lives easier, as they do not need to spend time away from their site to pick up tools and equipment. 

Roncut’s second Hino is their delivery truck. They rely on this truck to get tools and machinery to a host of suppliers in the greater New South Wales area. 

Reliability is key.

In the building business, it’s all about reliability. Ben explains that if you let a builder down, they no longer feel they can rely on you, and you may lose that business.

“You know the Hino has always got your back and will never let you down. We can rely on it to help keep our business moving along. It’s the full package. It has a class-leading powerful engine with plenty of torque and a seamless automatic gearbox. And as you can tell, we love the large tray as it means we can fit a lot more into the back, and ultimately, the day.” 

Getting from site to site means a lot of narrow roads, lots of turns, and plenty of hilly areas. The truck Roncut had previously was an automated manual. They found that it wouldn’t change quick enough, or it would shift down when the drivers didn’t want it to, making it hard to drive up or down hills. Ben recalls, “It wasn’t very smooth at all. The Hino however is far more responsive. The powerful motor and automatic gearbox make all the difference.” 

The drivers are now able to get from A to B much easier and much more comfortably, without any worries about getting to and from jobs.

We were also stoked when Ben told us that Roncut get a lot of builders on the different sites they visit asking about Hino trucks.

“The builders we visit see our Hino fully kitted up, with custom frames, and impressive fit out. I’m always happy to talk about our Hino and tell them about the power – explaining that it’s a light duty truck, but with a bigger motor.”

Done dealer 

Ben talks about how his local dealership helped them from first chat to delivery.

“When it came to getting the right truck for our business, Adtrans Hino was all over it. We talked a lot about the ins and outs of our business and what we felt was missing in the other trucks we’d tried before. Adtrans understood our business needs, and recommended the right truck for us.”

Adtrans Hino delivered the truck to Roncut, managing the installation of their custom tail-lift.

“The dealership was fantastic to deal with. Anything I need with the trucks, whether it be questions, warranty, or aftersales service, I just call, and Adtrans looks after everything for us.” 

Thanks Ben, for your continued support. We’re glad we could provide your business with a powerful, agile, light duty truck to help your business keep other businesses thriving.

If you’re a builder and ever need new tools or machinery delivered to you on site, check out Ben and the team at Roncut. They’ll be sure to have your back.

(02) 4648 5353

Email: sales@roncut.com.au 

Website: https://roncut.com.au/